Pepper Me Pink

Pepper Me Pink is my 3-year-weaversary warp inspired by my very first handwoven warp, Peppermintpolka. 
I wanted to stay true to the original design, so against my usual preference for painted warp I skein dyed Lankava yarn house esito combed cotton to recreate the pinstripes and traditional gradient warp. 

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! Like the first one it’s only 10 meters and will yield two ring sling pieces / shawls and one wrap. On the original warp I had lots of loom waste so the wrap was very short and later converted to a ring sling. I’m expecting a 4.2m wrap to go with the sling pieces this time. ☺️

The first ring sling piece / shawl has my handspun weft spun from Shunklies Fibre Studio art batts. 50% merino, 40% silks, 10% glitter. 

The original pattern options were herringbone/plaited twill/pebble variations as well as a skip weave version. 

However after I suggested a regular skip weave to the semi custom clients both preferred that so that’s what I tied the treadles to. 

The next piece will be hand painted cashmere/cotton paired with tussah silk, can’t wait 😋 

I think the last piece will be my handspun cheviot (with a bit of sari silk and glitter) plied with bockens linen but we’ll see. 


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