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Days 57 and 58

Started with two for fun batts I’ve been dying to spin. And once I started I couldn’t stop 🤩 
Still a bit of singles to spin tomorrow. Blended this myself. Thinking of plying with venne 16/2 organic cotton but also tempted by tussah or bourette silk. White superwash merino 60%, rose 15%, pearl 10%, black sari silk 10% and trilobal nylon sparkle 5%. 

Magic Word part 2

Part two of Magic Word will be woven by Eloisa Wovens ☺️👌

Day 56

Got started on a small batt of Clun Forest sheep wool skirtings.

Day 55

I got two North Country mule fleeces earlier in the summer. This one got a suint bath and when the smell refused to leave, I kettle dyed it. Singed a bit too 😬 
It’s quite lovely and medium handle, swaledale x BFL if I recall correctly. Only trouble is, it has a break and rise at the butt end - and the rise is terribly felted. 
I’m yet not very efficient at combing (I take on too much and then my wrists hurt) so I’m flicking through the locks to remove the new growth of wool, broken tips and vegetable matter. But the rise and a few crunched up longer fibers seemed very cloudy as well so that’s what I tested spinning today ☺️

Day 54

Spun a bobbin of rustic romney from picker cloud and got started on second, spun from washed locks.

Not much weaving

Not much weaving is going on. Again. Eldest with a temperature and cold this time so kids are at home. I did try to sneak in weaving time by bribing the older kids with ice cream but the youngest woke up before I actually got to weave. Thankfully she was so excited to see the toys upstairs she didn’t do much mischief and I got the first repeat done on my double weave piece with handspun weft. 

Fiber works

I’m on day 53 after missing three days so far. I’m making mini skeins of lock spun Romney fleece, lightly washed. Each skein is 45-60 grams, 68-84 meters. I’m really enjoying this, finishing a small skein a day. ☺️ 
Still need to dye the last one. I seem to be on the roll with these so I think I will wait for a few more before heating the dye pot.

Magic Word is dyed

Finished dyeing a tencel / seacell / peppermint / rose / sarcandra glabra blend custom dye warp. 

Imagination shawl

Imagination ring sling piece / shawl. 1,98/2,0m soft tape in hand, long twisted fringe on one end. Warp: Hand painted combed cotton. Weft: Purple valley tencel. Machine washable cold. 
It’s thin, flowy, beautiful flowers pattern. Great for a shawl or a scarf or for a ring sling conversion. Here posed in a no-sew ring sling with gray rings. The non-fringed end is secured with a zigzag stitch using invisible nylon thread. 
Asking 280€ for the piece. I can ship to you or a converter (would be an amazing carrier and tube scarf too) or it can be converted in-house into a ring sling for 30€ including rings (limited colours but more can be ordered, just delays shipping a little). 
Domestic shipping is free, EU shipping 40€, world wide 50€. Pm my Facebook page or email info@kareliacrafted.com to purchase. 

Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch 4m
Etch A Sketch is one of a kind and the only piece from its warp. It has a thin hand dyed charcoal supima / seacell warp and very thick natural white cotton slub weft giving it a composition of 96% cotton, 4% seacell. 
It’s woven with a lacy flowers pattern that is accentuated nicely by the slubby weft. It’s 4 meters long (3,94/4,05) and 60cm wide and a whopping 488gsm. It’s very mouldable and pleats beautifully. The feel is very cottony. I expect it will need a few wears to soften up and will likely fuzz up a little as it gets tamer. It’s a real comfort blanket. 
For sale for 430€ inc. vat 24%. Domestic shipping free, EU shipping 40€, world wide 50€. Can not be shipped to the USA. 
Pm my Facebook page or email info@kareliacrafted.com to purchase. First to claim gets it. 

From Sorrow To Bloom

Finished dyeing and will soon beam From Sorrow To Bloom. To be woven by Eloisa Wovens. 

Finished plying!

496g ~17.5 oz  3136m ~3430 yards ~200g commercial silk/linen plied with ~300g handspun from Shunklies Fibre Studio art batt
44% silk  30% merino  20% linen  6% angelina
This will be weft for my personal double weave piece.

Not much in fiber challenge

Not much going on with my fiber works for a year challenge. I’m still plying this. One skein wet, another skein damp, last bobbin only just started.

Raw wool

Last parcels of raw wool for this year (I hope!). The top is Blue Faced Leicester and bottom Cheviot x BFL mule. So good.

Second piece of Pepper Me Pink

Started with the second piece of the warp, expecting 4+m of wrap plus twisted fringe. 

Custom piece off the loom

Yet unnamed piece with supima warp, 2x 1/15nm jaspe tussah and 1/60 mulberry silk weft is off the loom. It’s currently drying and should be finished shortly. 

Pepper Me Pink

Pepper Me Pink is my 3-year-weaversary warp inspired by my very first handwoven warp, Peppermintpolka.  I wanted to stay true to the original design, so against my usual preference for painted warp I skein dyed Lankava yarn house esito combed cotton to recreate the pinstripes and traditional gradient warp. 

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! Like the first one it’s only 10 meters and will yield two ring sling pieces / shawls and one wrap. On the original warp I had lots of loom waste so the wrap was very short and later converted to a ring sling. I’m expecting a 4.2m wrap to go with the sling pieces this time. ☺️
The first ring sling piece / shawl has my handspun weft spun from Shunklies Fibre Studio art batts. 50% merino, 40% silks, 10% glitter. 

The original pattern options were herringbone/plaited twill/pebble variations as well as a skip weave version. 
However after I suggested a regular skip weave to the semi custom clients both preferred that so that’s what I tied the treadle…