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Days 28 and 29

Finished plying a bobbin for my double weave project and am well on the way for the second one. Also got a new woolee winder which I love. The Ashford spinner is still slooooow for plying frog hair. I can’t wait to see how it performs for spinning though - no more annoying breaks and bobbin freespin at stopping either. 
espinner plying on instagram (video)

Custom work

Finally back to weaving after a nasty cold. Got started on a lovely warm shades piece. 

Day 26 and 27

Day 26, forgot my fiber again. In my defense the loom is now set up with 720 hand dyed commercial ends to weave with my handspun as weft. 
Day 27, plied more weft for another weaving project.

Karelia feat Eloisa

The last piece of the Rust warp is off the loom. The warp was dyed by Iina from Karelia Crafted. Weft is dyed and fabric woven by Aino from Eloisa wovens 😍
SOLD It’s RS/shawl length and available for purchase to first to claim it, 280€ with both ends twisted fringed for a shawl or one end converted to RS and the other with twisted fringe. Fabric approx 1.9m, TBA when washed and an official sales ad will follow 😋 Supima/glitter weft on supima/combed cotton warp. 


The lovely Sarianne from Sysilouhen knit me a shawl from my handspun 😍 Now to weave one for her 😉

Day 25

I’m down with a cold so I can’t weave without breaking into cold sweat and shivers. I have a stress fracture on my foot I’m trying to heal fully so treadling a wheel isn’t smart either. So I’m threading a warp and put a big bag of U.K. Romney through the picker and managed to card some, too. 

Warp prep

Oh my. Day 24 and I was so busy with a new warp I forgot to spin! 😨

The warp is coming along nicely with over half now threaded! It’s a remake true to the old but with some improvements of my first ever warp. The original was lilac, aniline, natty and green factory dyed yarn. 
This is all hand dyed and has olive, turquoise and pink speckled in too. Same grad but less natty (there was more in the original because natty was cheaper). 

Day 23

Today’s spin or fiber prep a year, day 23. I was going to continue plying the art batts in the evening but fell asleep with the kids. Nevertheless I did make a 40g batt of peppermint/baby camel/sari silk earlier after the total grams plied with tussah were lower than I expected. 

Little bird

This little birdie went to the post office. 

And I started plying yarn spun from Shunklies art batts with 1/22nm silk/linen.  

Beautiful autumn day

Still two more visits to daycare next week and it’s full on in September. So glad the employees here are so nice and supportive and I was told how good it is that we visit so often to make the transition easier 👍 
Littlest found her legs today and bravely went further than she had before. I was also able to visit the toy shed with no tears and went indoors for a while with a few tears shed when I went in and none after I was gone. She did pout though. She knows she’s cute and gets all the awws with a pouty face. 

Day 21

Finished the first weaving off this custom warp. What pretty pinks and yellows and so many delicate hues 😍

The second piece is roughly red and yellow too but with lovely muted, soft and warm colours. 

Weft ponderings for the above piece. We’re winding together mulberry and tussah with some tussah hand dyed. The wool is there for sample colour of the one more skein drying 😅 You’ll see... 😏

Day 21 of my spin or fiber prep a year challenge. I finished plying my handspun 50% peppermint, 25% baby camel, 25% sari silk yarn with commercial tussah silk. The third bobbin without colour flecks is Shunklies mixed naturals batt, two ply. Merino, Jacob, Shetland and camel. I need to skein and wash them today so I can start plying art batts with silk linen. 

Days 18 and 19

Kids all have fever and so do I. 
Day 18 fiber prep. Guess the pony this will be weft to. 

Day 19, finished my first batt of Wild Rose Garden by Shunklies Fibre Studio. Spun on day 18 too... 

Day 18 and 19. Scouring a suint cleaned Romney fleece that won’t stop stinking no matter how long I air it out.

Day 17 of fiber 365

I’m continuing the Tour de Fleece 2018 with a 30/365 day fiber challenge. The plan is to spin or prep something fun every day! Today I spun a little bit of Shunklies Fibre Studio “Rose Garden” (merino/rose/sari silk/tussah blend) and hope to continue plying my own blend peppermint/baby camel/sari silk with commercial jaspe tussah when all the kids fall asleep.

Way to go!

Almost a meter done and I had to wind the bobbins too. So now my youngest starts napping again 😆

New custom woven warp started

I finally got started on my April-May customs 🙄
This is a 4-wrap warp with unique colour ways for each. First piece is lovely bright spring colours and YELLOW 😍 banana weft. Saltwater Rose supima warp at 22.5 epi (9 ends per cm) in a pattern of my own design, Frost Orchid. 
Two warp chains blended at the back. I’ve done something similar before on a smaller scale, see how this weaves. I cut off each individual piece so any issues I have plenty of chances to sort them. (The two extra bunches going off to the side from the middle are my repair threads should I need them.)