Day 21

Finished the first weaving off this custom warp. What pretty pinks and yellows and so many delicate hues 😍

The second piece is roughly red and yellow too but with lovely muted, soft and warm colours. 

Weft ponderings for the above piece. We’re winding together mulberry and tussah with some tussah hand dyed. The wool is there for sample colour of the one more skein drying 😅 You’ll see... 😏

Day 21 of my spin or fiber prep a year challenge. I finished plying my handspun 50% peppermint, 25% baby camel, 25% sari silk yarn with commercial tussah silk. The third bobbin without colour flecks is Shunklies mixed naturals batt, two ply. Merino, Jacob, Shetland and camel. I need to skein and wash them today so I can start plying art batts with silk linen. 


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