Welcome to Karelia Crafted! What you’re seeing here is a one woman operated business in Tuupovaara, North Karelia, Finland, that is focused mainly on custom made handwoven baby wraps. 2019 is the year wings will be spread to cover more of the world of fibery goodness - hand dyed warps, handwoven accessories, handspun yarns, hand dyed yarns and hand spinning fibers will be just some of the things coming up soon or already listed at the webshop
Links to a gallery of some of my work, pricing and my webshop, instagram and Facebook can be found on the top of the page. On the left you will find a menu that will soon include also care instructions, some of the popular weaving patterns and many other nice things. Browse below for my blog. Hope you enjoy this dive into fiber arts with me. 
-Iina (that’s a double i - pronounced like Tina without the T)

City of Hearts

Finished a fun clasped weft accent piece just in time for Christmas ❤️ It’s been under planning since the spring and I dare say I’m really pleased with how well it turned out!

Handspun Christmas hats

Spun up Shunklies Fibre Studio ‘sunrise’ (red/orange/white) and World of Wool red merino 80%, bamboo 20% on my Spinolution King Bee. I had less of the latter so I spun that thinner and plied together ☺️
Woven on Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom with an 8 dent heddle to a 5/2 mercerised cotton warp. Washed yardage, sewn into tubes, lined with rigid lining (leftover curtains actually). Pleated the end and attached pom poms. 
Leftover yardage was sewn into a double loop cowl that ended up a Christmas present to my mother-in-law.

Magic Word warp

Currently weaving the last piece of the Magic Word warp - thus named because the material blend is a mile long mouthful. 20% tencel, 20% seacell, 20% rose, 20% peppermint, 20% sarcandra glabra - the first two being collectively known as lyocell and last three are viscose - all of them ‘rayon.’ It has a silky feel but is machine washable on gentle cycle. 
First piece “There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Pink,” 2 meter shawl with thin Venne organic cotton weft. 
Second piece “City of Hearts” (I will make a separate post with more photos) with banana viscose weft and clasped weft details, 5.2 meters. 
Last piece will be 3.5ish with fringes and nubby tussah silk weft.

Custom warp

Finished a lovely custom warp for a wonderful mama ❤️ Four pieces - two with hand dyed cotton / hemp from Saltwater Rose, two with black 60% silk, 40% wool. The warp is Bockens 8/2 Egyptian cotton, hand painted.

Miscellaneous handspun yarns

Still spinning for fiber 365 challenge. Just not updating because happily most of it is custom order for baby wraps and thus takes ages to spin 😀

Handspun art yarn cowl

Handspun core yarn in mostly merino and other wools (and a dash of silk and glitter).