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City of Hearts

Finished a fun clasped weft accent piece just in time for Christmas ❤️ It’s been under planning since the spring and I dare say I’m really pleased with how well it turned out!

Handspun Christmas hats

Spun up Shunklies Fibre Studio ‘sunrise’ (red/orange/white) and World of Wool red merino 80%, bamboo 20% on my Spinolution King Bee. I had less of the latter so I spun that thinner and plied together ☺️ Woven on Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom with an 8 dent heddle to a 5/2 mercerised cotton warp. Washed yardage, sewn into tubes, lined with rigid lining (leftover curtains actually). Pleated the end and attached pom poms.  Leftover yardage was sewn into a double loop cowl that ended up a Christmas present to my mother-in-law. 

Magic Word warp

Currently weaving the last piece of the Magic Word warp - thus named because the material blend is a mile long mouthful. 20% tencel, 20% seacell, 20% rose, 20% peppermint, 20% sarcandra glabra - the first two being collectively known as lyocell and last three are viscose - all of them ‘rayon.’ It has a silky feel but is machine washable on gentle cycle.  First piece “There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Pink,” 2 meter shawl with thin Venne organic cotton weft.  Second piece “City of Hearts” (I will make a separate post with more photos) with banana viscose weft and clasped weft details, 5.2 meters.  Last piece will be 3.5ish with fringes and nubby tussah silk weft. 

Custom warp

Finished a lovely custom warp for a wonderful mama ❤️ Four pieces - two with hand dyed cotton / hemp from Saltwater Rose, two with black 60% silk, 40% wool. The warp is Bockens 8/2 Egyptian cotton, hand painted.