Baby wrap collage

Hellyys (baby wrap)

Imagination (baby wrap, handspun weft)

Wild as a Fairytale (great competition of weavers '18 entry)

Lifeline (great competition of weavers '17 entry)

Syystaivas (Finnish competition entry '17)

Rainbow Dash (two of a kind baby wrap)

Double weave baby wrap

City of Hearts (clasped weft detail, baby wrap)

Imagination 1 of 3 (baby wrap custom)

Dark Unicorn 1 of 2 (custom baby wrap)

Custom dyed clasped weft piece

Custom dyed handspun weft

Rain Within Swedish tester

Custom baby wrap

Pepper Me Pink 2 of 3 (baby wrap)

Finnish competition '18 entry

Custom dyed baby wrap

Custom baby wrap warp

Imagination extra piece (RS/shawl)

Etch A Sketch one of a kind baby wrap

Dragonflies and Faeries TOAK colour baby wrap

Custom baby wrap warp

Custom dyed perfect gray wrap

Imagination wraps (photo Ilma-Sofia Kuismanen)

Handspun warp custom scarf

Turquoise cowl

Handspun weft cowl

Batts for spinning

Black and white batts spun

Same spin, chain ply and plied with thread

Hand processed cheviot plied with aivina linen

Handspun merino/silk/glitter plied with silk/linen


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