Days 28 and 29

Finished plying a bobbin for my double weave project and am well on the way for the second one. Also got a new woolee winder which I love. The Ashford spinner is still slooooow for plying frog hair. I can’t wait to see how it performs for spinning though - no more annoying breaks and bobbin freespin at stopping either. 


  1. Similar to stringing and oozing, you will see extra filament in your print in areas where might be} not meant to be filament. In some case, if the filament doesn’t unspool easily Baby Mittens from the reel, Z-axis travel may be blocked or in a direct drive extruder setup the extruder motor would possibly yank the extruder upwards. Avoid sudden giant increases in fan pace like when going into bridging mode. Curling as well as|in addition to} tough corners are another symptom of printing too sizzling – or insufficient cooling. Printer curling happens so much when printing overhangs – or in corners.


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