Imagination shawl


Imagination ring sling piece / shawl. 1,98/2,0m soft tape in hand, long twisted fringe on one end. Warp: Hand painted combed cotton. Weft: Purple valley tencel. Machine washable cold. 

It’s thin, flowy, beautiful flowers pattern. Great for a shawl or a scarf or for a ring sling conversion. Here posed in a no-sew ring sling with gray rings. The non-fringed end is secured with a zigzag stitch using invisible nylon thread. 

Asking 280€ for the piece. I can ship to you or a converter (would be an amazing carrier and tube scarf too) or it can be converted in-house into a ring sling for 30€ including rings (limited colours but more can be ordered, just delays shipping a little). 

Domestic shipping is free, EU shipping 40€, world wide 50€. Pm my Facebook page or email to purchase. 


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