Etch A Sketch


Etch A Sketch 4m

Etch A Sketch is one of a kind and the only piece from its warp. It has a thin hand dyed charcoal supima / seacell warp and very thick natural white cotton slub weft giving it a composition of 96% cotton, 4% seacell. 

It’s woven with a lacy flowers pattern that is accentuated nicely by the slubby weft. It’s 4 meters long (3,94/4,05) and 60cm wide and a whopping 488gsm. It’s very mouldable and pleats beautifully. The feel is very cottony. I expect it will need a few wears to soften up and will likely fuzz up a little as it gets tamer. It’s a real comfort blanket. 

For sale for 430€ inc. vat 24%. Domestic shipping free, EU shipping 40€, world wide 50€. Can not be shipped to the USA. 

Pm my Facebook page or email to purchase. First to claim gets it. 


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