Welcome to Karelia Crafted! What you’re seeing here is a one woman operated business in Tuupovaara, North Karelia, Finland, that is focused mainly on custom made handwoven baby wraps. 2019 is the year wings will be spread to cover more of the world of fibery goodness - hand dyed warps, handwoven accessories, handspun yarns, hand dyed yarns and hand spinning fibers will be just some of the things coming up soon or already listed at the webshop .  Links to a gallery of some of my work, pricing and my webshop, instagram and Facebook can be found on the top of the page. On the left you will find a menu that will soon include also care instructions, some of the popular weaving patterns and many other nice things. Browse below for my blog. Hope you enjoy this dive into fiber arts with me.  -Iina (that’s a double i - pronounced like Tina without the T)

Long break

It’s been a while since the last update. Long story short I burned out in my enthusiasm. I’m slowly getting back to business as I’m nearly done with my old queue so updated pricing and there will finally be spots up very soon. ❤️


3.5 meters plus fringe, warp 20% each: tencel, seacell, peppermint, rose, sarcandra glabra. Weft yellow nubby tussah silk. 

From Sorrow to Bloom

Soy warp, tussah silk weft, merino/silk handspun inlays. 4.8m plus fringe. 

Coilspun art yarn

After a frustrating night on Friday trying to figure out why the woolee winder on my new ashford espinner wouldn’t work (I did get it running Saturday morning) I spent Saturday evening giving coiled yarn a go. Thick and thin wool / silk / glitter single coiled around a silk / merino / mohair core, then plied with hand dyed mulberry silk. No frustration at sight, only tired today because I couldn’t stop once I got going! 

Chunky yarn

I’ve been teaching myself to spin chunky yarn from the start of the year. Sometimes aiming for relatively consistent yarn. Sometimes speeding through for thick and thin. All is fun and fluffy. 

SpinOlution rukki Suomi

Rukit on nyt lisätty verkkokauppaan:  klikkaa tästä ! Koko SpinOlution valikoima on myös tilattavissa kauttani. Hintoihin on tulossa maltillinen korotus 1. 3. 2019, nyt tilatut tuotteet saa vielä vanhojen hintojen mukaan.