New work

 Long time no posts. I’ve started open university studies in hopes of getting a degree in psychology, eventually. So I’m weaving less, but I am weaving - and I’m about to open my books soon! 

1-2 slots for a semi custom will be available shortly. I’m doing a short full custom warp after that - but then it’s fair game for everyone. 

I do like picking my projects based on what I enjoy working with. I like having a collage for colours and some suggestions for materials. I won’t be the weaver who can clearly colour chart and sample your shades - I paint my yarns quite liberally with a little pinch of this or that dye. 

Full custom warps have a minimum order length of 9 meters. If you don’t need that much for yourself, you can split a warp with a friend or a few. Or - if I won’t be booked for full custom warps I will advertise split custom dyed warps, where a partial length of the warp is dyed to your specifications while the warp materials and patterns will be shared. 

You can contact me via social media or email for custom requests. In the mean time, I hope you enjoyed viewing  some recent weavings off the “Phases of the Moon” patterned split custom dyed warp. 


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